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There is a vast selection of kitchen window treatments out there for you to choose from and all you have to do is pick one. Easier said than done though, no? It is the huge selection that makes it so hard to pick only one! If only we had more than one kitchen! The trick to choosing the best kitchen window treatments is to think outside the box. There is no reason to stick yourself with the conventional and plain window treatments, go wild and try something new, you might just like it.

When you are choosing kitchen window treatments you do not have to take into consideration the same type so things that you do when choosing other window coverings. For example, you do not usually need to worry about privacy as much as you do for say the bedroom windows. No one is going to be getting changed in the kitchen. So you can afford to be creative and you can afford to be a little different with your selections. There are no rules when it comes to the kitchen windows so enjoy the selection process and use your imagination.

Here are some of the more creative and unique kitchen window treatments for you to consider:

Grass mat style kitchen window treatments

These are gorgeous and they bring a sense of the tropics right into your kitchen. These are colorful and intriguing to the eye. They match just about nay décor and wall color and they make the entire room feel fresh and comfortable. These can come with trim or no trim depending on the look you are going for and your budget. They generally pull straight up by a simple cord pull.

Wood window treatments

These interior wood shutters give a country styled appearance to your home and they can be painted in any color that you desire. You can buy them already painted or you can sand and paint or stain them yourself. You can also use distressing techniques to create a weathered, lived in appearance to pre-painted shutters. These window treatments can open to let all of the afternoon sun in or they can stay closed to give you some relief from said sun when you are washing the dishes and the sun is blinding you. These are versatile and gorgeous every time.

Attractive, long lasting, and useful, roller window blinds make an exceptional window covering for any space. They are available in a wide array of colours, styles, and materials and they can easily be paired with other conventional window treatments. Plus, roller blinds quickly blend with your design in spaces that include natural, contemporary style or timeless, ornamental styles. Installing roller window blinds is likewise a straightforward job that requires standard tools you can find in most homes.

When you’re all set to install roller window blinds, gently lift edge the blinds from the product packaging and you need to discover setup instructions and mounting brackets. Before you begin installing your screens, make sure you have the necessary tools as suggested in the installation instructions. When you’re putting up your blinds, you’ll need a power drill with the correct drill bit, a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver, screws, and a pencil.

Generally, you can install your blinds in some methods; recess fit mounted to the side of the window recess, break fit established to the top of the window recess, or face fit (outside the window frame). The initial step will be to provide the blind brackets; one of the brackets connects to the control side of the blind so make sure to attach your curtains in your preferred direction.

Attach your brackets to the window frame which may be built of concrete, brick, plaster, wood, or steel. For concrete, block, or plaster building and construction, a larger masonry drill bit (~ 5.0 mm) will be required; however for wood or steel, you ought to connect the bracket using a 3.0 mm high-speed steel drill bit. If you have or currently plan to pair the blinds with retractable home awnings, then make sure to leave enough space for it as well.

The brackets will be installed such that their inner surface areas face each other. Be careful to measure the blinds and inspect the brackets are level before attaching them to the window frame. Utilize a pencil to mark the drill holes where you can screw the brackets in place.

Lastly, your roller window blinds ought to clip into place. Each end of the blind is cut into the bracket which you have set up. Fortunately, the style of roller window blinds permits them to be easily gotten rid of for cleaning or upkeep, and you can even move them if the requirement develops. Nonetheless, it is continuously beneficial to carefully measure and level your brackets before drilling holes into the window frame, as exposed holes are unappealing. In any case, the setup of roller window blinds is relatively simple to work. With merely a couple of standard tools, you can have your brand-new shades up an operational in an afternoon or less. Then all you’ll have delegated do is to sit back, unwind, and enjoy your beautiful new shades.


Designing Lace Curtain window coverings can be very confusing. Let’s try to simplify the challenge by starting with the very basics. Most major Lace Curtain suppliers offer many different pieces to be used in combinations to arrive at completely different looks. The pieces have various names including One Piece Swags, Fan Swags, Swag Pairs, Valances, Tiers and Panels. They are woven into delicate lace patterns or stunningly bold Macrame ring lace. Depending how you use them, your window treatment can be formal or casual, simple or ornate. Whatever combination you use can greatly influence your over-all design goals.


The simplest design would be to use a Lace Valance and a Lace Tier together as shown here. This picture uses a Macrame Ring Lace, however, any Lace Valances and Tiers can be used for the same effect. This design is shown on tension rods inside the window casing. The treatment also can be used where both Valance and Tier are mounted on rods that are attached to the wall outside of the window frame. Another attractive style would be to mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and the Tier on a tension rod inside the jamb. In yet a different version you could mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and use a full length Lace Panel or pair of Panels on a rod under the Valance rod. One of these options may be just what you want but, hold on, we are just getting started.
You may want a more formal treatment as shown here. It consists of a Swag Pair with a Valance in between and a full length Panel underneath. As another option, in a narrower window, you could eliminate the in between Valance and just use the Swag Pair or a One Piece Swag. If you use two Panels you could tie them back to each side for a totally different style. Also, a Priscilla look could be created by using a second Panel underneath the first Panel and tying them back to opposite sides.

There is another design, shown here, that uses a little of all of the above ideas but is more informal and could be used in a den, dinette or kitchen area. Please notice that this picture also shows one window treatment used over two separate windows which creates the impression of enlarging the spaciousness of your room.
As you can see, Lace Curtains can be highly personalized to create the very look that makes your home warm and inviting We are not finished yet. Let’s think even more outside of the box. What if you have a curved top window. That’s easy. Just find a solid metal rod and bend it to the same contour as your window frame and use the same designs we just discussed. How about another idea. If you have two corner windows you have the option of treating them as one window or two windows. You can mount separate curtains on each window or as in the picture above you can make the two windows look like one giving the effect of a much larger window.


Hopefully with this new knowledge you will really enjoy creating your very own professional looking décor by stretching your imagination. The above pictures of window treatments are just a start. You can probably think of many additional attractive ways to arrive at your own person choices of Lace Curtains. In fact, you could even vary the treatments by purchasing lace yardage and sewing your own version of a window treatment. Best of luck with your newly discovered design freedom.